How to Accessorize for Any Occasion: A Guide for Men’s Fashion

Men’s fashion can be a tricky endeavor, often leaving men unsure of how to select the right accessories to match the occasion. Accessories are essential for completing a look; however, men can often find themselves lost in the selection process. As it is often difficult to know which piece to pair with which outfit, this guide provides steps from how to accessorize for the office to evening outings and everything in between. With helpful advice and suggestions, this guide serves as a men’s essential for choosing the proper accessory for any occasion. 

How to Accessorize for the Office

The office often relies on a more professional and conservative style. This can make it difficult to add through accessories, making it important to opt for pieces that will subtly yet prettily enhance any ensemble. Generally, accessories should be limited to a single bold item, such as a bright-coloured pocket square or striking watch. If the office look is more casual or relaxed, statement pieces, such as a fedora or pocket watch, can be used to impress. Keep the basics- shoes, a belt, and cufflinks- simple and neutral to ensure a polished look.

Accessorizing for a Date

When it comes to accessorizing for a date, the focus should be on being elegant but subtle. Avoid pieces that are too loud or showy, opting instead for small and delicate pieces. Accessories such as a delicate necklace and bracelet, as well as cufflinks and a pocket square can all be used to enhance the look without overpowering the outfit. When dressing for a night out, add in a sleek watch, belt, or hat to make the look more stylish.

Accessorizing for Formal Events

Formal events, such as weddings and gala dinners, should be dressed impressively. For these occasions, larger accessories, such as statement hats and pocket watches should be added for a dramatic look. When it comes to formal events, it is important to avoid any pieces that have a more contemporary feel, such as flip flops, baggy jackets and ripped jeans. Accessorizing for formal events should be focused on luxurious pieces that exude a timeless quality, from cufflinks to belts and beyond.

Accessorizing for Weekend Outings

Over the weekend, the focus can be on fun and casual pieces. During this time, casual accessories such as a lightweight statement belt, a bright pocket square and an unexpected patterned or printed bow tie can all be used to bring life to an outfit. For those looking to incorporate a hat, a fedora or baseball cap are both great choices. When adding accessories on the weekend, ensure that the look is cohesive with the other pieces.

Accessorizing for Vacations

When it comes to vacations, it is all about being fun, fresh and creative with the look. The focus should be on statement pieces, such as colorful scarves and printed ties. For a more beachy vibe, swap out a hat for a tote, while a backpack can give an adventurous edge. Accessorizing while on vacation should be based on the location and activities at hand, choosing the right colour and style to reflect the trip.


Men’s fashion can be a difficult endeavor, however accessorizing does not have to be. With this guide, men will be equipped with the knowledge needed to accessorize for any occasion, from formal events to weekend outings. With the right accessories, men can easily enhance any outfit and feel confident and put-together. Whether it’s the office or vacation, the right accessory can take any look to the next level.

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